Valchromat from CutList

Valchromat | MDF coloured throughout the core

Valchromat have a wonderfully unique product. Their MDF range is coloured 100% throughout the core of the board opening the door to wonderfully creative designs in furniture and interiors. Thicknesses available include 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 30mm but as is often the case, 18mm is the quickest to supply. The boards are un-finished so oil or lacquer should be applied after installation to give a really rich depth to the colour. The quality of the core is excellent as this board has been designed with machining and routing in mind. Very little furring is seen when cut and it glues and cleans very well.


Valchromat come in a range of ten colours including Red, Green, Blue, Grey and Black. The product is perfectly suited to creating furniture which is unique and interesting. Try something new by laminating different colours then routing into the boards to give a 3D colour effect, the options are only limited by imagination.  

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