Professional Edge Banding

Our professional edge banding service elevates woodworking projects with a seamless finish. Our expertise lies in delivering professional finishes to sheet materials, tailored to your requirements. With a vast variety of edge finishes, applied to MDF, melamine faced decors, veneered boards, plywood and more, we guarantee a premium finish.

Edge Banding Process:

Our seasoned machinists used advanced hot-melt edge banding machinery to achieve seamless edging tape application, resulting in a durable, tactile edge. With access to an extensive collection of edge tapes from prominent manufacturers, we're dedicated to finding the ideal match for your project. Our edge banding covers a diverse range of boards, spanning thicknesses from 8mm to 60mm, encompassing veneered MDF, melamine decors, MDF, and more. Experience perfection with Cutlist's distinctive edge banding craftsmanship.


Material Options:

We offer a wide range of wood and ABS banding tapes, including various wood tapes to match all veneer species and ABS edge preparation tape for MDF edges. Various widths and thicknesses are available, along with a choice of square or radius edge.

Our solid wood edging is perfect for our veneer boards and offers a very easy and cost effective option for lipping the board which would traditionally be a labour intensive job. Square edge or radius is available on solid wood edges in 1mm and 2mm. Our solid wood edging is lacquered after your boards have been edges if you choose our in-house lacquering service. Visit our Spray finishing page for information.

Along with the colours and solid wood tapes we also offer a few ways of preparing MDF end grain for paint. Many customers choose our consistent paintable ABS edge tape because it paints extremely well, although some makers prefer solid Maple edging to finish their MDF, because it is more natural and sustainable. Both options provide an excellent edge on MDF, and prepare the panel for paint. Both options provide an excellent edge on MDF, and prepare the panel for paint.



Our edge banding service offers many benefits, including:

Protection - Edge banding protects the exposed edge of the sheet material from damage, such as chipping or splitting.

Aesthetics - Edge banding provides a clean and professional finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the project.

Durability - Our edge banding materials are durable and long-lasting, ensuring your project maintains its appearance over time.


Q: What sheet materials can be edge banded?
A: We offer edge banding services for a wide range of sheet materials, including MDF, melamine faced chipboard, veneered MDF, plywood, and more.

Q: What edge banding materials do you offer?
A: Most decorative panels are edged with ABS, but we also offer real wood edging for veneered boards or for painting. 

Q: What thicknesses and widths of edge banding are available?
A: We offer 1mm and 2mm thicknesses in most edging options, and can edge boards 10mm to 55mm thick. 

Q: Do you offer custom edge banding services?
A: Yes, we can provide custom edge banding services to match your project's unique requirements.

In summary, at CutList, we offer premium MDF edge banding services for sheet materials, providing a perfect finish to your woodworking projects. Our range of materials and custom edge banding options means we can match any project's unique requirements. Contact us today for more information on our edge banding services.

Edge banding thicknesses are nominal, meaning real-world measurements may differ very slightly.