Edge Banding


Edge banding

Our industry leading hot-melt edge banding machine applies edging tapes with perfect results metre after metre. We have access to thousands of edge tapes from leading manufacturers so are sure to find the perfect match. We can edge boards from 10mm to 60mm thick including plywood, chipboard, MDF and more.

Matching ABS edge banding

Colours and wood grains are matched with either 1mm or 2mm edge banding. You can have the option of a square edge or radius on the board. The industrial application of the edge banding ensures an incredibly strong bond to the board which will last for years to come.

Solid wood veneer edge banding

Our solid wood edging is perfect for our veneer boards and offers a very easy and cost effective option for lipping the board which would traditionally be a labour intensive job. Square edge or radius is available on solid wood edges in 1mm and 2mm.

MDF End grain preparation tape

Along with the colours and solid wood tapes we also offer an MDF preparation tape which is applied to the edge of the board. This tape is only 0.6mm thick so very discrete but it seals the end grain of the board in preparation for painting. More and more of our customers are asking for it on their orders.

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