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Homag HPP300 Panel saw at CutList

Cut to Size panels

CutList supply Cut to size panels to Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet Makers, Shop designers and interior companies. We supply all of the top brands including Egger, Kronospan, XyloCleaf, MediteMDF, Valchromat and more so we are sure to have a product to suit your requirement. Our panels come with individual labels showing key details like panel size, project and component name. This is very helpful during construction especially on the larger projects with numerous components, no more sifting through a pile of panels to find the one you want. From huge interior re-fits to a one-off cabinets, orders large and small are treated with the same care and attention. All of our cut to size orders are wrapped ready for collection of delivery nationwide. Our industry-leading Homag HPP300 beam saw installed in the Autumn of 2017, produces excellent results every cut. Chip free, clean lines are seen in every board type.

The largest choice

We boast over 500 boards on our decor list and many more are available. We supply MDF, various Ply woods, Melamines in colours and wood grains and pre-veneered panels. We also offer the option of specially pressed laminates for those who would like to choose the décor and core board combination. For those who are not sure what they want we will make suggestions, show you samples and guide you to making the right choice for your project.

Board Sizes & Technical information

Our optimisation software maximises the yield in every board and saves costs by reducing waste. Our price list shows costs which include cutting for standard sized boards. It is important to remember that we trim-cut the edge of each board by about 15mm to ensure a clean edge on our panels, a second reason for this is that the edges of panels can swell while in storage due to moisture and this can impact the edge banding quality. Our saw kerf (blade thickness) is around 4mm. These dimensions are helpful should you wish to make board calculations yourself using our price list. Our current price list per sheet is available on request.    

Our board range and price list can be found HERE

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