MDF Shaker Doors

MDF Shaker doors by Cutlist


5 Piece MDF Shaker doors now available at Cutlist. Our Shaker doors are made the proper way, in 5 pieces with strong tongue and groove construction. Every door is made using 22mm MR MDF and is edge banded to give a perfectly smooth and durable edge. Options include White or Grey Primer and hinge holes. 

High Quality

We have invested in the very best digitally controlled spindle molder, pneumatic clamping table and automated spray facilities. The results of our investment are that we make strong, perfectly accurate Shaker doors, to any size you require*. 

Bespoke Sizes

Not only can our customers choose the size of their MDF Shaker doors but they can also choose additional mid-rails too. A choice of rail width is available and you tell us exactly where in the door you would like them. 

For more information contact us. If you would like a quote, please complete the form on our ‘Get a Quote’ page and email it to us at [email protected] and we will return a quote.

*Subject to available stock material sizes and maximum 2600mm tall by 900mm wide per door.

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