Spray Finishing Services

Elevate your bespoke furniture through Cutlist's meticulous spray finishing service! Our spray department is committed to applying industry-leading products that give your project a durable and consistent finish. Choose from white or grey priming on one or both sides of your panels. For the perfect finish on your veneered MDF or plywood panels, select our luxurious clear lacquer finish.

Spray and Finishing Process

Our spray finishing process is second to none. Our spray finishing team applies a consistent coat of product to every panel. Your panels are carefully prepared before spraying to ensure that the surface is smooth and free of any imperfections. Your panels are then dried in our temperature controlled drying room for the optimum time to cure the finish ready for delivery.

Material Options

We provide spray finishing services for a wide range of materials, including MDF, plywood, and veneered boards. If the board will accept a spray finish, we can spray it! We only use the best products and offer clear lacquer in a 10% sheen, along with primer in white or grey.

Our clear lacquer is applied to a luxurious finish, with the natural grain of the board enhanced. This lacquer creates a durable finish so is suitable for many applications around the home.


There are numerous benefits to using our spray finishing services. First and foremost, due to our processes, you'll get a perfect finish every time, no matter how many panels we spray. Further to this, we offer spraying on one side or both sides, so you only pay for the finish on parts as you require. 


Q: What is the turnaround time for spray finishing services?
A: Our typical turnaround time for a spray finishing order is 5-7 working days, but this can vary depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Q: What types of finishes do you offer?
A: Primer we offer in white or grey, and clear lacquer is offered in a 10% sheen.

Q: Do you provide priming services?
A: Yes, we offer priming services as part of our spray finishing process. This is available in white or grey.

Q: Can you provide lacquering services?
A: Yes, we can provide lacquering services as part of our finishing process. This is available in clear with a 10% sheen.

Q: Do you spray finished colour?
A: We do not offer coloured finishes at this time.