MDF Shaker doors made to measure

Our Shaker doors are the best. We would say that, I know, but they really are fantastic. We make them using the latest technology so each rail and stile is cut and machined to perfect tolerances before being assembled on our pneumatic clamping table.
Once made, the doors go through a state of the art Homag double-belt sander for a perfectly smooth finish all-round. The results are a perfectly square, perfectly jointed, cost effective Shaker door, fit for any high-end kitchen, wardrobe or cabinet.
Prices for our doors can be found here. We offer doors un-primed or primed in white or grey. You choose the size, stile and rail widths, you choose hinge holes and their locations, you choose mid rails and their locations. The doors are made using 22mm and 9mm MR MDF. Get in touch for more information or if you have any questions. We regularly get compliments from cabinet makers and carpenters about how nicely made our Shaker doors are.

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