Medite MDF cut to size from CutList

Medite MDF | Standard & Moisture Resistant MDF

MDF is a hugely popular product for the furniture and interior industries. Its ability to be painted, cut and machined very easily along with being very cheap means the opportunities are almost limitless. We favour the Medite brand as they are widely considered to manufacture the best board available. The core is dense and clean when cut and machined. Standard, Primed, Moisture resistant (MR) and fire retardant MDF are all available. Standard boards are available in 1220 x 2440 sizes but we also supply jumbo boards at 1220 x 3050. A large range of thicknesses are available from 3mm to 36mm. Glue takes very well so its common for people to glue multiple layers of MDF together to create bespoke thicknesses.  

Edge preparation tape

Being a board made from wood fibres, MDF is porous and sometimes a little fluffy when cut. The Medite brand is such good quality that the edges have very little fluff but even still. For years craftsmen have been sanding edges, sealing then re-sanding to get a good clean finish. We have the ideal product to finish the edges ready for paint. It comes in the form of a thin (0.6mm) edge tape and we apply it with our hot melt edge bander. This product is a huge time-saver and it gives excellent results once the board is painted.  

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