MDF cut to size & Primed MDF by Cutlist

Medite MDF | Standard & Moisture Resistant & Primed MDF

MDF is a hugely popular product for the furniture and interior industries. We favour the Medite brand as they are widely considered to manufacture the best board available. The core is dense and clean when cut and machined. Standard, Primed, Moisture resistant (MR) and fire retardant MDF are all available.

Standard boards are available in 1220 x 2440 sizes but we also supply jumbo boards at 1220 x 3050. A large range of thicknesses are available from 3mm to 36mm. 

Edge preparation tape

As MDF is made from wood fibres, it can take time to prepare the edge for paint. To reduce the time spent in during preparation, we offer our customers a solution by way of an edge tape to seal the exposed edge tapes. We like using Maple solid wood at 1mm thick for this application, but we also offer a preparation tape at 0.6mm thick specifically designed for sealing MDF.

Spray Primed MDF 

  We now offer a full range of spray finished MDF in our high-quality water based primer. This service is completed in-house so we are able to finish your panels after they have been edge banded, meaning your boards come to you perfectly primed all-round, ready for your top coat. Price by the sheet, and in any thickness, our spray priming service is simple to cost. Visit our Medite MDF price list above for details. 

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