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Getting to know Egger texture codes

23 February 2024

With all the choice there is in the new Egger Decorative Collection 24+ swatch book, we thought it would be a great time to help explain the myriad of Egger surface textures and their codes. As always, the range perfectly covers every possible option you and your customer might require for your projects.

What Egger says

Lets dive in and have a look below to see what Egger says about their products…

ST40 Feelwood Oakgrain- Very close to the style of a matt-oiled veneer in terms of look and feel.

ST10 Deepskin Rough- Gives textile and woodgrain decors an authentic rough surface.

ST12 Omnipore Matt- A light texture providing a velvet touch.

ST19 Deepskin Excellent- Combining cut floret sections with linear areas, the matt and gloss woodgrain textures gives a lively, natural finish.

ST22 Deepskin Linear- Giving linear woodgrain decors a noticeably deep character and a natural, brushed look, often seen in conifers.

ST28 Feelwood Nature - Used with sandblasted decor styles that have a deep feel surface texture.

ST32 Feelwood Vintage- An old wood look that has a deep feel surface texture. 

ST36 Feelwood Brushed- A strongly brushed but naturally matt wood reproduction finish.

ST37 Feelwood Rift- Decors that have a deep feel surface texture reflective of solid wood.  

ST38 Feelwood Pinegrain- Alternating matt and gloss elements creating the brushed look of a conifer. On uni colours, this striking wood texture creates the look of lacquered solid wood.

ST20 Metal Brushed- Create the look and feel of finely sanded metal.

ST75 Mineral Satin- Gives material reproductions a matt and velvety feel.

ST76 Mineral Rough Matt- Based on a mottled and gently rough natural stone surface.

PG PerfectSense Premium Gloss- A smooth high-gloss lacquer finish.

PM PerfectSense Premium Matt- A smooth matt lacquer finish with anti-fingerprint.

SM SemiMatt surface texture- A smooth and matt look.

ST7 Smoothtouch Fine Pearl- This ST code replaces the classic ST2 decors, and has a more matt finish in comparison.

ST9 Smoothtouch Matt- A neutral, velvety-matt feel on uni colour, woodgrain and material decors.

TM9 PerfectSense Smoothtouch Matt- A matt lacquer surface gives decors a natural look with a pleasant, velvety-matt feel with anti-fingerprint properties.

TM12 PerfectSense Omnipore- Natural, matt woodgrain decors with a pleasant velvety-matt finish and anti-fingerprint properties.

TM28 PerfectSense Feelwood Nature Matt- A matt lacquered surface that enhances the natural character of decors, with anti-fingerprint properties.


As usual, sample of all available Egger decors can be ordered here, so you can see the surface textures up close and personal.

For more information about the Egger 24+ collection, see our previous blog post


Written by Liz Cooke, Operations Manager February 2024