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Egger 24+ Prepare for launch!

16 November 2023

With 2023 whizzing by, its only a few months to go before industry-leader, Egger, launch their new Decorative Collection 24+ due February 2024. One of the more popular manufacturers of MFC, Egger have always offered a comprehensive range of woodgrain, coloured and textured decors, but like all things in design, trends come and go.

If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward

Egger have always had a strong range of MFC decors, with a mix of contemporary, classic and modern decors. Many of you will be using their existing collection, but the trouble with any range is that after a while, some decors become dated. Interior trends change over time, what’s popular one year can fade out of fashion the next. This is why board manufacturers mix-up their offering every few years, they must keep offering decors which meet the current trends and demands. Egger have decided February 2024 is their moment to refresh. 

What’s changing with the new Egger 24+ range?

Great question, but the answer is we don’t really know at this stage! At the time of writing this blog, Egger’s website promote a “refreshed range…realistic textures” and a focus on “matt and natural surfaces” Looking at the teaser photos on the website, there appear to be some really authentic, natural looking woodgrains from dark to very pale. What we can say is Egger will almost certainly hit the nail on the head and deliver some stunning options for you to pick from.

What can expect from the Egger 24+ range

·         Refreshed range of decors and realistic textures

·         Matt textures, natural surfaces and tactile materials

·         Egger’s high-quality boards at the right price point

·         Swatch books and marketing material are usually available, but we will have to wait and see!

Its all about the swatch

We know that having a swatch book of the decors available is very important to our customers as it makes choosing a decor very easy. Recently, Egger swatches have been hard to get hold of because they are running down the old stock to make way for this new range.

Egger are usually very good with supplying samples and swatches to trade customers. Although I can’t promise, I would be fairly sure Egger will showcase their new range in an easy-to-use swatch book which I’d imagine will be available early next year at the time of launch.


Egger’s 24+ decorative collection, an introduction from Egger


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We can be pretty sure Egger’s 24+ decorative collection will be at the forefront of contemporary style. Each time they launch new decors to their range their collection only gets stronger, and we’re sure the 24+ additions will keep Egger at the top of the game.

Its not only the style that makes Egger one of the biggest in the industry, their board quality is unsurpassed. With a dense chipboard core and excellent melamine surfaces, we can’t think of a higher quality brand.

Keep your eyes on our socials next February, to catch the new range as soon as it launches but before then, you can find their current range of decors and more, right here

Written by Alex Langstaff-Ellis November 2023

Sources: Information taken from November 2023. Photo credit