XyloCleaf cut to size and edgebanded from CutList

XyloCleaf Design | Premium Melamine Boards

XyloCleaf has been established for the UK market and is a collaboration between Xylo flooring and Cleaf of Italy. Both companies are very influential with over 40 years of industry experience. Their melamine boards are perfectly suited to the high-end furniture and interiors markets and offer a large range of luxurious finishes on 18mm boards. The designer finishes are selected to lead current market trends within interior design. Like many other panel products Xylocleaf boards are a very cost effective way to adding texture and colour to a room or piece of furniture. If you want something very special, you should look no further than XyloCleaf.


The Fusion range feature real fabrics applied to the face of a board. These fabrics add a real depth of texture which a more traditional MFC board simply cannot replicate. Perfect for interior designers and luxury furniture makers, the Fusion range is sure to be seen in the most luxurious interiors around the world.

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