Veneered Boards

Veneered boards cut, edged and lacquered by Cutlist

Veneered Boards | Pre-veneered MDF and Plywood

We supply a large range of pre-veneered boards which most come pressed on MDF cores but some on Birch plywood or even Poplar plywood. Most boards are A and B sided meaning there is one premium side (A) which is considered the face of the board and one back side (B) which is veneered to balance the board. 


Many timbers are available on our pre veneered boards. Oak and Walnut are the more popular but also available are woods like Sapele, Pine, Cherry, Maple, Beech, Ash and more.

Spray Lacquered Veneered boards

Our in-house spray finishing department applies a high quality, water based clear lacquer at 10% sheen to any veneer or plywood board. Simple choose the board type and thickness you would like, add edge banding as required, and we will spray finish your order after the edge banding is applied. 

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