Spray Lacquering, and Priming

Our spray workshop is busier than ever

Our spray department is working as hard as ever and providing our customers with brilliantly primed, and lacquered sheet materials in all sorts of sizes and on all sorts of boards. That’s the beauty of our system. Here are some of the advantages of out-sourcing your lacquer or primer to Cutlist:
  • Panels are coated with an even, consistent finish right across the board.
  • You only per square meter so you are not paying for lacquer or primer on the offcuts you don’t need.
  • We apply our finishes after cutting panels to size, and edge banding so the edges which have been edge-banded, get a coat of finish too.
  • Our automated machine has a conveyor which carry the panels through the machine, this means we do not get overspray on the reverse of the panel which is a venerability when spaying by traditional methods.
  • Our customers get to choose any panel in any thickness and have it primed or lacquered. Our machine is capable of spray finishing items up to 1300mm wide so we can spray finish full 8×4 and 10×4 sheets if required.
  • Primed board options include Birch plywood, Poplar plywood and MDF. Lacquered board options include veneer boards, Birch plywood (with edge sanding and lacquering an option) Valchromat or coloured throughout MDF.

The service is priced by the meter and usually only adds a day or two onto our normal Cut and Edge lead times. Simply select Primer or Lacquer on your next order.

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