Plywood Birch ply cut to size & lacquered by Cutlist

Plywood | Birch, Poplar and Melamine faced boards

Plywood comes in many forms. The furniture industries favour Birch ply but also available is a more lightweight Poplar ply. Many thicknesses are available including 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 22mm and 25mm.

Spray lacquered Plywood 

Our in-house spray finishing department applies a high quality, water based clear lacquer at 10% sheen to any veneer or plywood board. Simple choose the board type and thickness you would like, add edge banding as required, and we will spray finish your order after the edge banding is applied, giving you a perfectly lacquered board and edge, all round. Click the Veneered boards price list above for prices and options.


Birch plywood is a very popular choice among furniture makers. This is because it is very strong and has a pleasing end grain which many makers leave showing as a point of interest. The face of the board is very clean and the core does not have any holes or voids unlike cheaper construction ply.


Poplar plywood is taking the UK market by storm! Poplar is a great choice for plywood, is really light, strong and sustainable. Veneer options are available in Walnut and Oak on Poplar ply. 

Melamine faced 

For those who would like a white melamine faced chipboard but require a little more strength or quality in their project, Melamine faced birch ply is the ultimate choice. Clean, white melamine is bonded to a Birch Ply core.

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