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We positively encourage our customers to use our enquiry / order form as it will help to avoid any secondary data-entry issues and ensure your order is not delayed.

Your quote & order form in one place 

Please use our order enquiry form to provide all details of your cut list and email to [email protected]. We aim to get a quote back to you within 24 hours but typically we can return a quote on the same day.

Cut & Edge enquiry form:

Shaker Door enquiry form:

View our board range and price list HERE 

One document

We have designed the document so your enquiry automatically becomes your order and once the order is delivered it then becomes your delivery note. This principle of one document for the whole process keeps things simple, just how we like it! Should you need any help filling in your enquiry please let us know, we are always very happy to guide you through it. It is important that this document is filled in correctly because we will not make any assumptions about your panels or spot any anomalies, it will be processed as per the form. 

Using our excel form with Mac, iPad & iPhone 

You can use our excel enquiry forms with Numbers for Mac, iPad and iPhone simply by clicking on the form and then opening into Numbers. Once you have saved the form to your device and completed it with all your CutList details, please save the form as an Excel file before sending via email


Once your order has been confirmed we provide a delivery date for your order. We accept payments in a number of ways. Our preferred method of payment is BACS but we also accept Visa and MasterCard via Worldpay.  Orders are required to be paid in full before processing.

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