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Sheet material Cut to size service by Cutlist
Cut to size sheet materials at Cutlist

Cut to size

Our Cut to size service is fast, efficient and accurate. Our CNC beam saw is the perfect machine for the sizing and labelling of panels for woodworkers.

To get a quote or place an order, hit this link and complete our Excel or Numbers form. We will return an optimised price, usually within a few hours, after which, we can schedule your order.

Sheet material Edge Banding service by Cutlist
Edge banding by Cutlist

Edge Banding

We use an automated hot-melt edge bander which applies ABS and real wood edgings to any sheet material with excellent results. Our team of machinists adjust the machine to suit your order, including corner-rounding, radius or square edges.

Standard edge banding is sold by the metre so you only pay for what you need. We can apply edges from 10mm thick to 55mm thick so we are sure to cover what you need.

Spray Priming and Lacquering at Cutlist
Spray Finishing at Cutlist

Spray Finishing

Using our automated spray finishing line, we prime and lacquer sheet materials after cutting and edging. This means your orders get a perfectly consistent coat of finish on the faces and edges of the panels. We spray almost any sheet, including MDF, Birch ply, Poplar ply, veneered boards and more.

The speed in which this machine works, allows us to provide a really low price per meter for spray finishing. Simply tick the spray finishing box on your ‘get a quote’ form and we will add the service to your order.

Gluing service available at CutList Ltd
Panel gluing / bonding at Cutlist

Panel Gluing / Bonding

We offer panel bonding to those customers who would like a thicker panel. Most sheet material manufacturers only really supply their decors in 18mm as a standard thickness, our bonding service allows us to glue two 18mm boards together to increase the panel thickness to 36mm/37mm followed by edge banding it to complete the look.

Panel delivery by Cutlist


At the time of order, we give our customers an expected delivery date and we are proud to say unless something unexpected pops up, we always deliver on time. Our production runs like clockwork.

Our delivery service is served by our own team in 3.5t vehicles so we can ensure every order is delivered without issue. For large or bulk orders, we may arrange for a 3rd party to make a delivery, whichever method, we ensure everything reaches our customers in perfect condition.

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