Pre lacquered Poplar ply veneer

Our range of pre-lacquered Poplar ply boards are flying out door. They are very popular with cabinet and kitchen makers as they completely remove the need for finishing during the manufacturing process. The lacquer is either 10% or 20% sheen (Satin finish) which is evenly applied to both faces of the boards. There are a few options of lacquer, with the 20% sheen being available in grain-filled or open-grain options. Grain-filled is where the lacquer fills the tiny grain holes on the surface. This gives the appearance of a flawless lacquered finish, silky smooth. The open grain is a more a more natural looking finish, as you can see the pores in the grain as the lacquer does not fill it. Pre lacquered Poplar plywood veneer at Cutlist The Poplar core is very strong and super-light. You will be amazed by how light this board is, it make transportation and installation of your cabinets very easy. Perfect for wardrobes where a lot of large panels are taken upstairs! Edge banding is an option on these boards but it will come un-lacquered so it needs to be finished. Most of our customers choose to oil the edge banding as it brings the colour to matching the lacquer along with giving the solid wood edge some protection. 1mm and 2mm edging is available in both Walnut and Oak. These boards come in 2440 x 1220 sheet size and are available in 19mm.    Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail

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