Our latest price list is here

June 2018 | Hot off the press. Our latest price list is here.

Board prices have seen some changes this year, not least at the start of the year when many manufacturers increased their supply prices. Thankfully in our latest price list, available now, we are not reporting such changes as we did back in February! Our list is still the best place to view boards, prices and sizes. There is a huge choice but the list is not everything we can do! If you require something not listed then please get in touch as we can usually source it. The aim for our price list was to compile a collection of boards which are easily available and cost effective. Do you like a particular brand? Then you may prefer to search by that brand alone. Visit our home page for the list of the main board manufactures where we have picked out their board ranges. Our price list shows prices which include cutting your panels to your chosen size so no matter how many panels you needs from your sheet*, the price will remain the same. *We reserve the right to charge additional cutting if you would like many, many small parts cut from a sheet. This is on in very rare situations to cover the costs in the time needed to cut your project. If this affects your project, you will be notified at the quoting stage. Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

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