Homag HPP300 Fully Automated BEAM SAW coming to CutList

Homag HPP300 Beam Saw coming to CutList this October.  We are hugely excited to announce our investment in the most awesome Homag HPP300 beam saw which is due to be installed during October 2017. The specification of our machine includes many optional extras to raise the level of accuracy and efficiency we offer our customers, to the highest standards available.  Homag HPP300 Panel saw at CutList Key features include:
  • German engineering from the best name in beam saw technology. Industry leading results in clean cuts, panel tolerance and squareness. 
  • An over-head camera to ensure the right panel is processed at the right time. The camera watches each cut panel even as it moves around so if the operator puts a panel into the machine in the wrong order, the computer will automatically switch the cutting program and cut that panel to the correct dimensions even though it was inserted out of turn. 
  • Part-specific labels are printed as each panel comes off the machine. 
  • Power-concept pusher. This allows several strips with different cross cutting lengths to be cut together. 
  • Hugely powerful 21KW saw motor which allows us to stack and cut multiple sheets in one go. 
  • Powerful scribing blade to give the cleanest cuts on every panel.
  • Air tables front and rear of the blade to ensure panels glide easily and without damage during processing. 
  • The efficiency of this machine will allow us to offer reduced lead-time.
The machine is due to be installed over a two week period and so we are in-able to offer any cutting for the weeks of the 9th and the 16th of October. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused but we hope you will enjoy the benefits of our new saw as soon as we are back in production later in October.  Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

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