Cutlist services have grown

Throughout our growth we have had a clear aim, to supply our customers with top quality products and services which compliment one-another. We are now offering more services than ever, with the same high-quality and high-value approach to everything we do.

Did you know we now offer:

  • Sheet materials cut to size
  • Edge banded panels
  • Bonded materials to allow thicker panels (e.g 2x 18mm panels bonded to give a 36mm panel)
  • Spray primed and spray lacquered panels on our automated spray line (after edge banding!)
  • Shaker doors, 5 piece construction. Primed and in a size of your choice.
  • Delivery throughout much of the UK.
If you have a project and want to know if we can help give you a head start then get in touch via email on [email protected] or give us a call on 01844 35 34 39Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

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