…and that was 2019

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Cutlist would like to thank each and every customer, supplier and partner for the year that was 2019! Crumbs what a fantastic year it was.

still the same;

Looking back, we are excited to have changed many things this year, but one thing has remained the same, the high level of customer service our team is famous for! Yes we’ve dropped the ball on occasion, but crikey we put everything into sorting things. We never lose focus of what our customers need from our service.


We are constantly making changes, big and small. This year, we have introduced a whoppa with our new spray priming and lacquering service using our automated finishing line. What a brilliant facility for our customers to benefit from.

We have made countless small changes this year too, with the aim of improving customer service and quality of our products. Maybe the some of our changes have been so small you haven’t noticed? but I bet someone has.

During 2019 there hasn’t been a moment to stand still, we are always searching for something to improve. It’s these small changes that add up over the year, and make a big difference.

coming up;

2020 is shaping up to be a cracker for Cutlist. There’s so much lined up, we are very excited. We can’t tell you too much of our big plans just yet, as they are still in development but we can say that we are working hard to provide a broader range of services and improved lead times…. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

A massive thank you for your support and business, from everyone at Cutlist. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas & New Year.



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