NEW 2mm Edge for MDF

2mm Radius edge for MDF arrives at CutList

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new and very interesting product to our edge banding list, 2mm MDF edge tape with a radius. This tape carries many benefits including:

  • Give your MDF panels a hard wearing and knock resistant edge.
  • Cost effective method of finishing the end grain against sanding and finishing the MDF by hand. 
  • Add a consistent radius to your panels without cutting and showing the core of the board.  
  • The panels are ready to go to paint without extra working. 

This product is made from paper-fibres pressed under high pressure which makes for a very solid, almost plastic-like tape. 

  2mm MDF edge tape with radius

All of our edge tapes are available by the meter. If you make doors from MDF this product is perfect for finishing the edges, it is also perfect for MDF carcass and shelf edges. For more information get in touch! 

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