Lightweight Poplar Plywood

Lightweight Poplar Plywood (Tulipwood)

Everyone loves Birch ply. Its appearance, strength and stability make it an ideal choice for many furniture applications…But what if I told you there’s another choice? Something cheaper, something nearly as strong and much lighter? Too good to be true? Poplar plywood has strength, low weight, stability, is sustainable and is cheaper than Birch plywood and it finishes and paints very well.

Lightweight //

Low weight? why should you care? The weight sheet is not always the reason for choosing a material. Attractiveness, strength or price may all be more important but the weight of Poplar plywood is certainly up there with its core benefits. Weighing 30 – 40% lighter than the more common Birch ply, this stuff is a dream to throw around the workshop. Full-assembled cabinets are lifted with ease which is especially appreciated during transport and onsite installation. Easy lifting means less-fatigue which in turn is good for production and your mood!

Strong //

Poplar plywood is very strong. The core is made from between around 5 to 7 plys of Poplar, laid in alternating grain directions. Although Poplar is considered a hardwood, it has low density (low weight) and is fairly soft. The ply is easily machined and fixes well with screws and glue.

Sustainability //

Poplar is a very fast growing species. This makes is an ideal choice for the sustainable ‘farming’ of timber. Once the trees are cut a new crop is sown ready for harvesting in only a few years. By using fast-grown timbers from sustainable sources you are helping to avoid the destruction of forests around the globe and the animals which reside in them.

Low cost //

We are soon to update our price list with the Poplar plywood costs but in short, there is a noticeable saving against Birch ply which now means Poplar plywood is a serious contender against good old MDF. Many people don’t like MDF, often for its formaldehyde content and cheap image and Birch Ply has been a jump too far on price but now Poplar ply sits somewhere in the middle it will be a sensible choice for many more projects.

Appearance //

In its natural state Poplar is a light wood and so its no surprise that the plywood is the same very pale yellow/brown. Most people would edge band the ply end grain although the quality of the ply is excellent to there are few pockets or empty voids in a board so you could just as easily sand and finish the raw edge. The standard boards come with Poplar faces both sides but also available is a pre-lacquered Oak veneer Poplar ply along with American Black Walnut Poplar ply. Both of the pre-lacquered plywood boards come with a satin finish lacquer on both faces. Edge banding is available in both 1mm and 2mm solid Oak or Walnut but because the edge bander needs to trim the edge tape during its application, it comes raw (un-lacquered) so our customers need to apply an oil or lacquer on the edge tape after the tape has been installed. The pre-lacquered boards are a real time saver and very popular with furniture and kitchen makers.

Cut to Size //

As always, our boards come cut to size. Let us know the sizes of the panels for your project and we will cut them, label each panel and deliver to your door around the UK (see our delivery page for more info including terms and conditions). CutList | Lightweight Poplar Plywood | Cut to size CutList | Poplar Plywood | Cut to sizeFacebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail

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